“Emily Lerer’s production of R Culture is filled with entertaining and unforgettable scenes that will cause you to think about the content of the show even after you leave the theater”   

“Lerer’s production is miraculous”-  Indie Theater NowR Culture 3

“The assured direction of Emily Lerer swiftly keeps everything moving while landing the jokes and boldly making its points. In addition, her artful staging integrates the various styles of material and the circus aspects into a unified event.”-Theater Scene



” one of the best pieces of the evening directed by Lerer featured a lot of sexual and physical comedy..directing was insightful”- New York Cabaret Today

STUCK production still 1



Theaterspeak on R Culture  The writing here is sharp and incisive and penetrating. Lerer’s production is miraculous, abetted by strong designs by Anna Libbie Grossman (sound), Darielle Shandler (lighting), G. Warren Stiles (set) and Carolyn Toner (costumes). The performances by Harder, as the ringmaster–our guide into the world delineated in RCulture–and Nordlinger and Collins in what feels like dozens of roles, are thoughtful and compassionate and resonant.”


R Culture 6

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The Knight Times:  “I wanted to take on a subject matter that I felt both passionate about and scared of conquering,“ she said. “I hope we have created a space where both men and women can be both entertained and moved in an evening.”

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